Using Alternate Identities in Chat Rooms

Using Alternate Identities in Chat Rooms
Using Alternate Identities in Chat Rooms

Having multiple identities in chat communities is actually pretty easy.

Here are a few of the main reasons to do this:

  • Stimulating your imagination
  • Exploring the snap judgements people make
  • Pushing the limits of playful impersonation

It’s also fun to swap lives with a friend!

Be the Person You Dream Of

Become the person you've always dreamed
Try creating a different username in a chat room that’s separate from the main one. With this second identity, let your imagination run wild!

You could even make up a whole life story…

It really makes you wonder who’s telling the truth these in communities.

Keep Information Separate

Keep information separate
Don’t get account names and passwords mixed up when logging in.

Additionally, make sure to keep those stories straight if you plan on having multiple, harmless identities. Changing personal details and getting caught in a lie can lead to suspicion!

Important Warning: Never impersonate other people in online chat rooms because it’s extremely upsetting. Furthermore, do not harass others by intentionally using their name since it could damage reputations.

That’s just plain ol’ not right!

Think about how it’d feel to catch someone using your name and saying things you never would.

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