3 Solid Steps to Maintaining Peace in Chat Rooms

3 Solid Steps to Maintaining Peace in Chat Rooms
3 Solid Steps to Maintaining Peace in Chat Rooms

It’s common for conversations to get out of hand in chat rooms.

That’s why there are moderators and rules in place to deal with conversations going off-topic or blatant rudeness.

Generally, this happens more often in larger chat rooms because text travels extremely quick.

In fact, it’s pretty chaotic to read if you’re not following the conversations to a tee.

Here are 3 solid tips to hold the chat together as a moderator.

1. Promote a Friendly Community

promote a friendly community
Anywhere that has people who dislike each other there’s bound to be tension.

By promoting kindness…it is easier to build a community of friendly people.

Moderators have to set the standard that there is zero-tolerance for bullying.

Things that a good mod should never do are:

  • Laugh at malicious jokes that put down other members
  • Give attention to users who are bullying
  • Get angry directly at people who are rude

By taking these steps, it will let a moderator influence good behavior in your chat rooms.

2. Don’t Police Too Hard

dont police too hard
Don’t hit everybody in the chat with the rulebook at all times.

It can be negative to constantly go around preaching the rules to everyone.

There is a fine line between trying to maintain peace and trying to control other people.

Be careful not to cross this line!

The last thing you want is to make people upset because you are over-enforcing rules.

Be a positive role model and build up the community. You will notice positive attitudes really stack up.

3. Be a Peacemaker

be a peacemaker
Becoming a peacemaker in a chat room is a difficult task, but it can be very rewarding.

One of the most important skills in resolving arguments is to prove that you are nonbiased.

Staying neutral is vital to stop conflicts.

It is very helpful to have a person like this in your chat community. They are the glue to keeping order.

If you can bring all of these elements together then maintaining peace in your chat rooms is a simple task.

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